Hortus is your digital garden

With Hortus you have a great overview of your garden.
Record all your plants and add additional information as notes, photo's and usefull websites to the plant info.

Hortus is ad-free!

Gardens and plant lists

An overview for all your plants in your garden. Add your backyard and your frontyard. Or record your plants for each border or planter. You decide how to arrange your gardens!

Besides gardens you can also keep track of plant lists. You can make a shopping list or a favorites list. Other possibilities are a list with shadow plants or a list of plants with a maximum height of 1 meter and blue flowers in the spring. You decide which lists you want.

There is a small difference between gardens and plant lists: for gardens there are additional options. At the moment there is a flowering calendar for gardens. In the future a garden map will be added also.


Plant info

You can fill the plant info based on the label of the plant that you have bought. It is also possible to import a plant from the built-in plant guide. All info is retrieved from the plant guide and you can make any changes you like.

It is very easy in the app to find plant images on the internet.

You can add remarks to the plant info. For example some maintenance info can be saved.

There is a easy web link to google search based on the plant name. Any useful website that you like to remember can be added to the plant info. This way it is very easy to retrieve the information!

Flowering calendar

The flowering calendar shows an overview of the flower period and the flower color of all the plants in your garden.

At a single glance you know if you have flowers during all the seasons and you have a good overview of the colors that you combine.

The flowering calendar is available as an In-App purchase.

Plant guide

A plant guide is integrated in the app. This plant guide contains more than 12500 plants.

There are 12 characteristics for a plant: scientific name, local name, type, height, flower period, flower color, leaf color, light exposure, ever green, winter hardiness, pH soil and some special characteristics.

The special characteristics contain: climbing plant, ground cover, rampant plant, fragrant, poisonous, autumn color, attractive for butterflies or bees, herb, fruit en vegetable.

There are images available for more than 4400 plants. For all plants it is very easy to find images on the internet.